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    Creation of Line chart



      I'm having difficulty creating a line chart with my data.


      I have the following twelve fields that have a value and each field relates to a month ( See Below)


      WOG001 = £100

      WOG002 = £150

      WOG003 = £300


      And so on through to 012


      I want to create a line chart that accumulates the fields for each period


      Period 1 = WOG001 = £100

      Period 2 = WOG001 + WOG002 = £200


      And so on


      At the moment the data set does not contain a year or period field and I'm having trouble working out how I can create a line chart that has year and period on the horizontal and value as the vertical. The fields above only contain a value and it is the field itself that defines that it relates to a particular period.