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    Load Script BUG - auto convert Text to Number

    Rogério Faria

      Hello guys,


      Take a look at the simple script below:

      LOAD * Inline [
      0606110047,Prooduto 1
      R606110047,Prooduto 2
      0606110050,Prooduto 3
      Load * inline [


      And The Result is:

      CodProd Prod sum(Qtde) sum(Valor)
      60 2000
      0606110047Prooduto 1301100
      0606110047Prooduto 2301100
      0606110050Prooduto 330900


      The text field value 'R606110047' is auto conveted to '0606110047'.

      This is obviously a bug.

      And yes, there's a way to fix it. Is to use Text(CodProd).

      But we use a qvw to extract, another to transform, and another to show the chart. And I would have to do this in all the qvw files.

      And also the field CodProd is used in almost every table.


      Another anoying thing, is that we manage all the extract tables within a xls file. And in order to use text(<field>) we have to remove from the excel file and put it direct in the load script. By doing so, we lost our pattern on extract.


      Is there a Release that fix this? Is this a known bug? Will it be fixed?

      I'm using win7, and Qlikview Desktop 11.20 SR12 64bits