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    Nprint Report Queue

    Iuri Raposo



      I have been getting familiar with Nprinting in the last two weeks and today I am finally using the On-demand reporting.


      I am currently having problems with the "NP Queue".


      At the first time the "NP Queue" generated the report in less than a minute. Now I wanted to test the on demand report by making selections and is taking too long.




      Have you ever got in the same situation? if you do, then how you manage to solve the problem?

      Also when we using the On-demand service, shall we have the Npriting Designer open with the proper NSQ connection? 

      Thank you for your help!

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          Mike Czerwonky

          If your document is in "Sit and Spin" mode in the queue, here are some of the things that I would check to fix.


          • It is not necessary to have the Nprinting Designer open.  You should probably close it so that you don't have two tasks trying to access the same resource.  Nprinting Service will work behind the scenes without Designer open.
          • Did you save your QVW file in Normal View rather than Web View?  This is easy to forget to do.  If you save in Web View this causes issues with On-Demand.
          • Are you using an Access Point or Desktop Client to run On-Demand?   Do both the server and the app you are using to access On-Demand look at the same version of your QVW?   In our case, we copy a static version of our QVW to a repository and the Server is the only thing that accesses it.  The On-Demand app looks at a QVW on the QV Server that is exactly the same.
          • Does it fail the same way from both the Access Point and the Desktop Client in Web View?


          Good starting point for you.  I have experienced what you are seeing and have been able to solve it using these steps

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              Iuri Raposo

              Hi Mike,


              Thank you for response and help.


              Regarding the last 3 comments you made:


              * I am not saving the QVW at all, am testing the On-demand reporting using the QVWs provided by the Npriting training.

              * At the moment I was only testing the on-demand on the Desktop. I will try your suggestion by testing from the Access Point.