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    License management (difference between user name and machine name)

    Franck Robert

      anyone can explain the difference between "User Name" and "Machine name" ?

      Is it to declare a workstation on which several people could log on (that is to say different AD id) but only one licence would be counted ?

      Thanks a lot for your answer

        • License management (difference between user name and machine name)
          Hi, If I read the reference manual carefully: Chapter 19: LICENSING Named CAL � Access is based on the user identity or machine identity. Any number of concurrent sessions from one user on one machine at a time is allowed. In order to utilize a named CAL, the client user must be identifiable either via user name (Windows or Novell) or with a unique machine ID. IP Address is not a valid form of identification for a Named CAL. User name identification and machine name identification cannot be mixed on the same instance of QlikView Server. Note that user name identification requires Windows authentication on Java and Zero-Footprint clients, since machine name identification is not possible from these clients. I would say that several users can use QlikView when you're registering based on machine name: Greetz