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    count number of days with Error

      Hi,I have a table that looks like this (only "Error" type messages shown)



      I want to count the number of errors each day in the script. (e.g. 8/1/15 should be "6", 8/2/15 should be "2".The parent table is already loaded (NewLog)

      I tried

      For i = 0 to NoOfRows(NewLog) - 1



                     if(Date=Peek(Date,-1),ErrCt+1,1) As ErrCt //If the date is the same, increment ErrCt, else set to 1

                Resident (NewLog)


           Type = 'Error'



      but that didn't work at all.


      I'm embarrassed to be asking, as I'm sure this is simple, but I can't figure it out. Thanks.