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    Wildmatch Expression Error?

      So I am trying to group the data in a dimension to either IAA or EPA. I was using the following link as a guide:

      Qlik Sense - Dimension Grouping (video) 


      The final expression from the video is as follows:

      1. if(wildmatch(PRODNAME,'*Sony*'),'Sony'
      2. if(wildmatch(PRODNAME,'*Toshiba*'),'Toshiba'
      3. if(wildmatch(PRODNAME,'*Samsung*'),'Samsung','Other')))


      I followed everything exactly, but I get an Error in Expression saying: Expecting ')'


      I have simplified the expression to the one below:


      If(wildmatch(Contracting Office Type,'*IAA*'),'IAA','EPA')


      Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong? Most appreciated!