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    Troubleshooting Steps -- Exporting to Excel

    Steven Schirripa

      Hello Qlik Community,



      I'm still pretty new to QlikView and to B.I. in general, so I'm hoping the community could provide me advice as to the best approach/mindset/etc. regarding how to troubleshoot technical issues.


      Specifically, one of my users is unable to export data to excel from QV. The export appears to be working at first as the system thinks; however, when the excel file finally opens it does so containing zero data -- the excel export is completely blank.


      I want to help my user with this specific issue but I'm curious, in a more general sense, as to what process someone would follow and what line of questions would be asked to diagnose this issue and other technical problems as efficiently as possible.


      As always, any advice at all would be extremely appreciated.


      Thanks a lot.