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    Error when trying to duplicate an app - QlikSense Server

    Simone Cantoni

      Hi all,


      I am getting the following error when trying to duplicate an app, both in QMC and HUB:


      - from QMC, I get the error 'The operation failed due to insufficient privileges', but actually the app is duplicated, I can see it in the HUB, but does not contain any sheet.


      - from HUB I get the error 'The app could not be duplicated', the app is still duplicated, but I can't see it in the HUB, only in the QMC.


      In the log files I've found the following error: "ResultText=Error: Forbidden [LOCERR_HTTP_403]:Forbidden(REST HTTP error)"


      The error seems to be related to insufficient priviliges, but I cant' find which is the security rule involved, or the resource filter that I have to look at.


      Could anyone give me any help?