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    Apply security rules at the chart object level?

    Speros Kokenes



      Is there any way to write security rules down to the chart object level? In the documentation and examples, I've seen rules applied at the sheet and story level. What about at the individual chart object in an app, on a sheet? How do you write that, if possible?


      Here is my use-case for this security access:


      I have a mashup page that embeds charts from a Qlik Sense application. Besides using the mashup for some guided analytics, I want the users to go to the app in the hub to create their own sheets for ad hoc, self service use. Currently when they go to the app in the hub, they see sheets that contain the existing objects for the mashup. These sheets aren't meant to be used as dashboards; they are just meant to host chart objects for the mashup to pull onto its page. As it turns out, having these sheets visible to users causes a lot of confusion.


      What I would like to do is hide the sheets with my mashup items, while still enabling access to the individual chart objects on the sheets so that the users can see the charts in the mashup. I've been able to write security rules that hide the sheets; however, once the sheet is hidden, the user is blocked from pulling the chart objects into the mashup. I'm trying to add a security rule that will enable access to the individual chart objects.


      Does this functionality exist?