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    NPRINTING - Recipient filter

    Maxime Alabert

      Hi !


      Here is my issue :


      I would like to send an email to each of my salers including two Excel files

      - One file with results of the saler

      - One file with Global results (so they can compare with)


      For now i am just able to send salers results using custom recipient filter ,  Field : saler {name_of_saler} ...


      Thanks for your help !

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          here is what I suggest


          you could create 1 report that have the same object in it showing the sales person and the amount

          for each recipient you would ahve a filter in nprinting for just their inforamtion (each of the 3 people would get the report with jsut one row


          you would then have the recipients in again without filters, which would then give them the report showing everyones inforamtion


          If you are sending everyone a report with all of the inforamtion on it, I am not sure why you need to send them a report with jsut their inforamtion and another report with everything - can you not send everyone the entire report?


          what about one report that shows levels by each person and then after the levels the total

          each recipient would then not ahve any filters

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            Stephen Jasionowski

            Start by creating a filter that will clear all selections on the saler field. How to Create Static and Dynamic Filters Based on Fields


            You can then clone the report that you are currently using for each saler. In the Filters section of the report menu, add the selection clearing filter to the newly cloned report.


            From there add the report to the task and that version should give you the file with global results.

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              since you can send them just their inforamtion, you will need to crate the recipients again (each one would be their twice) and add them to the goup or recipient list in the taks.  since the sencon set of recipients will not ahve filters they will get the unfiltered reports which include everythng