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    Reverse Proxy with QVS 9

    Lucas Blancher

      Hi All,

      I was wondering if anyone has had any sucsess implementing Qlikview Server 9 in a reverse proxy enviroment. We would like to have an Apache web server fronting for our internal IIS Qlikview server. I have followed the instructions posted at http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/9674/42725.aspx#42725, but they were written for a previous version. QVS 9 seams to be a re-write of the AccessPoint application. For the most part the Apache configuration remains the same. Where things start to differ is the plugin.asp file that is referred to in the fore mentioned post, this file does not exist in the new version 9. Does anyone know where the equivalent to this file exists in QVS9?


      Maybe their is another way to implement this. If anyone has any information on reverse proxy with version 9, the information would be appreciated.