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    Finding date falling between two dates

    Imran Khan

      Hello All,

      I am having one field called created date with value as 19/12/2015 15:45:34 (this format). Also having 2 more fields as start time and end time in same format.


      One record is having unique number for identification. One record will have only one created time but there could be many records with start n end time. It means one to many relation. Here comes my requirement -


      I want to have only start and end time capture for one unique number. For example;

      Created time -19/12/2015 15:45:34

      Start time -19/12/2015 15:43:34

      End time -19/12/2015 15:47:34

      Start time -19/12/2015 15:44:34

      End time -19/12/2015 15:48:34

      I want to have first record because start date falls between first start and end time and that is the most closest one.

      Kindly suggest me the solution.


      Imran Khan