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    One column from two with single value

    Ruslans KLimovs

      Hello! Hope for your help again!


      I have the situation with SQL table. Following columns:


      From     To                      OtherColumns

      05T          909352                sdfdsfsfs

      03T          346347347               sdfsdfsdf

      8925235     05T                    sdfdfs

      03T          sdf8325               466346dfgsg

      23525ff       07T                    jlkjfaf lsaf



      I need from two Columns From and To, get only one Column Location, where will be one value from FROM or TO. I am looking for these short values 05T, 03T, 06T etc. These are known for me.


      The result must be:

      Location      OtherColumns

      05T               sdfdsfsfs

      03T               sdfsdfsdf

      05T               sdfdfs

      03T               466346dfgsg

      07T               jlkjfaf lsaf


      Thank for your help in advance!