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    Bug when activating a Local Client on a Server ??




      I've installed a QV Server V9 SR1 with Publisher on a Windows 2003 Server, all was okay.
      To allow developments I also installed the Local Client on the server. As this local client was in Personal Edition. I have open the Local Client, then I selected "Open in Server". So the software borrowed a CAL to the Server (that was my goal).
      But since, when I open the local Client, I've a bug (see attachment). The error is in French, it says ~: a win32 exception has occured in QV.exe [8136]. The displayed windows is a Visual Studio one which ask which debugger the user wants to use.
      EveryTime I open the Local Client I've this error.
      Do you know how to fix it ? Or at least how to flush the Local Client Licence info without opening the file). ?
      Thanks for your help