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    divide line in x-axies

    Brahmaiah Chowdary

      hi Team,

      Recently i facing Issue to create Vertical line in x-axies

      how i needs to  create dynamically Vertical line with out any condition.


      like i want to create like bellow chart .using of line or bar chart

      note:i tired all properties setting but its not useful i need to create as it is bellow




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          Hirish V



          Check the Show Grid in Both Dimension and expressions Like this,

          Show grid.PNG

          Or else,


          You can Create Right Click -> New Sheet Object -> Line/Arrow Object You can create a vertical line ,

          You can use it.


          Hope this Helps,



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              Brahmaiah Chowdary

              Hi Harish,

              Glad to Meat to You In Qlik Community you are giving more reply to my Doughts

              Thanks a lot


              but that harizental line i need to create dynamically for example tommorw may be may not be dimnesion values are changed or decreased  so that time it will be work ?


              Can you attach any QVD file





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                  Hirish V

                  Hi ,


                  My Pleasure...


                  The Horizontal lines means you should create a  Line/Arrow Object at which place or step on the axes so that it will be displayed.


                  Or else Dyanamically means, Can you please elaborate your explanation i did n't get you ,