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    Can't lease licence anymore

    Nicolas MARTIN



      I have a problem with licence lease.

      I had a Windows 7 x64 computer, with QV 11.2 SR 12.

      My licence was leased from my server.

      No problem.


      I've updated my computer to Windows 10.

      Since, I can't borrow licence anymore.

      I tried to re-install QV desktop.

      My setup file fails "not the good OS".

      So, I downloaded QV 11.2 SR13 for Win8andUp.

      It works, but I still can't lease a licence from my server.


      When I connect to the server, I see all files hosted on the server, I can open them, but it's still written "Personal Edition" in the title bar.


      Worst, I now can't open the files I've made from my computer!