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    What If Analysis

    Zachary Potter

      Hi all, I'm working on some what if analysis inside an application I'm developing. I'm going to describe a simple version of what I'm trying to figure out and maybe you can help.


      I have a field with a couple of different values. The values for the field "Star" above are text values "Pink" and "Yellow".

      I also have a field "Score" that is numeric integer values.


      What I currently am doing:

      I currently have an input box that sets a variable for the Score used in set analysis. For example, if I set the score (let's say vThreshold is the variable name) equal to 5, then my set analysis in a table will calculate the percent of yellow stars above the threshold (100%) and the percent of yellow stars equal to or below the threshold (40%).


      What I would like to do:

      I would like to use an input box to set a variable (let's say vPercentYellow) which would set a variable for what percent of yellow stars I would like to have below the threshold score. This calculation would determine what value the score should be to satisfy the percent of yellow stars specified in the input box. If I set vPercentYellow = 10%, the calculation would find that my threshold score should be equal to 4.


      Does anyone have ideas that could point me in the right direction?

      Thank you for your help and have a nice day.