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    Generate One Report from 2 data source

    Ahmad Kastero


      i need to ask , if i have report read from two data sours and the only key between these two report is is ID how can i do LEVEL on the ID to get the data for both in the same ID.

      what happens with me is when i put a LEVEL for the ID it will bring both in the LEVEL format but the first report will be in details like if i have 5 branches in the first report and in the second i have the complaints the first report will come in details for the five branches but the second part will come accumulative( Complaints )  and repeated in the five report with the same data.

      the question is : 1.how can i do the LEVEL in this case.

                               2. how can i do partial load from two different report and merge it in one report in the output file.


      Best Regards