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    Slider not working in QV Server 9 and Internet Explorer 8

      The slider object is not available in QlikView Server 9 for zero-footprint ajax in modern browsers. If your clients are using Windows Internet Explorer 8 and the zero-footprint ajax client for QlikView, then they should explicitly set the Compatibility View option in their Tools menu of Internet Explorer 8.

      The problem is easy to see by going to the QlikView demo pages and running the "What's New in QlikView 9" demonstration. Click the Budget tab and switch between normal and compatibility mode and the slider appears and disappears.

      I hope this posting saves other developers time and effort. It unfortunately took me a while to track down this problem to a browser setting.

      I reviewed the QV documentation but could find no reference to this bug. I have also tested and this bug is in the new quarantined version of QlikView Server 9 SR2.

      Matt Clark