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    Nprinting HTML Embedded

    Naama Mor



      I have many sales managers, each sales manager has many different clients.

      I created an HTML report (each client has is own report and data) and I embedded the HTML in the email.

      I run the report, the result was: each sales manager got one email with many reports embedded in it.

      I would like to send to each sales manager a different email for every client.

      how can I do that?


      thank you!

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          Liron Baram


          if you different e-mail for each customer

          it means you'll need to create a recipient for each customer

          the e-mail address for each customer will be his sales manager ,

          it means that each sales manager will get a lot of e-mails each time

          the reason is that each recipient gets one e-mail per task .

          if you are willing to send the report as pdf or excel then you'll be able

          to use cycle , that way each manger will get one e-mail with separate report for each customer as attachment

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              Naama Mor

              Hi Liron, TODA!

              I did use cycle and added the report as an attachment, so each sales manager received more than one report attached but only one email..

              that's not good enough, and I want to embed the html inside the email.

              i'm not sure I understood technically how I can do that.

              will I need to duplicate the sales manager email address for every client in the recipients list?

              for example






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                  Liron Baram



                  what i would do assuming you have all the data in qlikview

                  is building a table in qlikview and importing it automatically to nprinting

                  the table should have those columns

                  ID Full NameE-mailFilter
                  rowno()=CustomerNameSalesMan Email='CustomerName={' & CustomerName&'}'

                  then setup an import recipient task

                  that bring the table automatically to nprinting and creates the recipients

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                    what would happen if instead of attaching the report, you embedded it in the email isntead


                    thsi would then send out one email with multiple reports, but isntead of the reports being attached they would be embedded


                    How big is each report ? 1 pate, multiple apges?

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                  If a salesman has multiple clients, I would think it would be most effiecient to send them an email for all of their clients.  There are several options - dynamic naming with the client being in the name of the report, an excel tempalte where each tab represents a client (convert to a pdf and each apge would represent a client)