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    General advice on how to emphasize variances

    Nenad Vukovic

      Dear Community members,


      This time I am not interested in a particular "how to do it in Qlik View/Sense" but rather a general best rule to emphasize/draw  attention/"mark it in red" for variances between two numbers, like EBIT, etc. I believe that relative differences are more meaningful than absolute ones.


      We have two options:

      1. If you mark any negative change as red, and any positive as green, you still have to see which one(s) represent a truly material variance. So, you need to process it more and this takes time.


      2. If you use a percentage increase of the change to mark it red/green (like if the change is more than +/- 5% then place a color on it, otherwise leave it as it is) you get a relatively more correct outliers. Do you? I mean, when you have dimensions with big and small absolute numbers marking a relative change as red may emphasize a small absolute change for such dimension in the comparison with a big dimension, where a smaller relative change is more significant from the absolute point of view..


      Is there a better way?


      Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.


      Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.