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    Conditional calculation

      Hello everybody


      I'm just beginning my work in qlik sense and I've been trying to solve a problem but I didn´t succeed so far.

      I have a table  from a Call center with call dates and blanks (see below)


      Call pick up
      10/2/15 19:41
      31/3/15 15:26
      5/10/14 9:25


      The dates of calls  refer to years 2014 and 2015.

      With the function  count(year(call pick up )) the output is the total number of calls during 2014 and 2015 and is ok.

      The problem is when I want to calculate the number of calls separately by year.

      As the year is implicit in the data I tried something like this


      if(year(call pick up)=2015,count(call pick up)

      or instead

      count({$<year(call pick up)={$("2015"}>} year (call pick up))


      Can somebody help?

      Thks in advance

      Joao Pereira