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    PixelPerfect NPrinting Report

    Emmanuel Robles

      I am working on a PDF report and need to place charts on two separate pages however I cant get the report to insert a second page. Secondly why is it that when I preview the report it puts out the same one page report on to three pages. Ultimately I am trying to setup the report to display two different charts on two separate pages. Your insight is much appreciated.

      -Emmanuel Robles

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          Mike Czerwonky

          Is there a specific reason you are choosing Pixel Perfect?   Is your report data dynamic?   Do you need slightly different versions of the report on x number of pages?


          If your goal is to output to PDF, you can get a PDF output with any of the other templates too.  I personally use the PPT template most of the time for the flexibility of moving around objects and creating multiple page documents.


          Need some more information to provide a complete answer.

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            Pixel Perfect is probably one of the more complex templates to work with.


            I find using Excel to be very easy and the most powerful.  Just about any tempalte (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) can be used to generate a report in pdf.


            Pixel perfect is great when alignment, precision and position of the data is extremely important, like you are crating an invoice, the report is being printed on pre-printed paper and the data needs to be in certain locations, boxes, etc.


            PowerPoint, like Mike said allows you to size the image on the tempalte and move it around while you are designing - With Excel, the iamge only shows as a tag until you preview the report so there is more trial and error involved


            both PowerPoint and Excel make it very easy to add page breaks by a dimension

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              Bill Markham

              Have you tried inserting a Page Break where you need it ?

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                Emmanuel Robles



                Thank you, I was able to figure out the issue. Sorry for the delayed response.