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    Mobile Java Client 2.0

      I have downloaded the java client from http://qlik.com/mobile on a Samsung i900 Omnia WM 6.1.

      I tried it on the demo file in the qlikview site, it works perfect. Then I tried to my own QV Server 8.5 (5 users CAL), I can browse the documents (downloaded from the demo site: IPhone Wine.qvw) and I recieve the following error message: Couldn't be started with document; mobile/IPhone Wine.qvw and in he debug window: Error 31 - No named user CALs available for named user access.

      I followed the guidelines in http://community.qlik.com/wikis/qlikview-wiki/qlikview-iphone-client.aspx but the problem still there.

      I also read http://community.qlik.com/wikis/qlikview-wiki/iphone-document-access.aspx but Error 31 persist.

      What can I do to solve the problem ?

      Thanks in advance.


        • Mobile Java Client 2.0
          Gabriel Araya


          Access with User CALs, It is currently not possible to use User CALs with not iPhone devices. The reason being that we do not yet have an SSL certificate needed to run over https at this time. Once we get this, we will still need to do extensive testing to know if this fully resolves the problem. Until then, the server will need Session and/or Usage CALs in order for others clients different of iPhone to work.