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    Pivot Table, how to suppress Null Value in expression.

    Jim Chan

      I have created a pivot table. i have a column(Open Disc) showing 0 value.


      what i want is - do not show me any line of record if that line of record in "Open Disc" = 0.  only show me records that start from 1. And i have no idea how to achieve this.


      My existing code is as such:

      if(Sum({$<CTI_DESC1={"OPEN DISC (100%)"}>}QTY)=0,'', Sum({$<CTI_DESC1={"OPEN DISC (100%)"}>}QTY))


      I have came across, there are ppl proposed to use


      Sum( if(not IsNull(field), Amount) )

      Sum( {$<field={"*"}>} Amount )