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    Server SBE

      The SBE version has a limit of lines?


        • Server SBE


          I'm not sure what you mean by "limit of lines". Hear is a description of SBE from the price list document for 9.0:

          "QlikView Small Business Edition Server
          This Server Edition is designed to be used in smaller deployments. The minimum order configuration for a
          QlikView Server Small Business Edition is 5 Named User CALs. The QlikView SBE Server has the following
          • For use only with Named Client Access Licenses
          • Limited to 25 Named User CALs
          • Support for users using a Java, IE Plug-in or a Local Client
          • No support for AJAX clients
          • No support for Mobile clients (QlikView for iPhone or QlikView Mobile Java Edition)
          • No support for Additional servers
          • No support for creating and sharing objects on the server
          • Only supports Window Active Directory to handle security and access control

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