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    Reload of document failed - QV Enterprise Server 9.0 SR2

      Hi All,

      I have scheduled a reload tree (QV Server Enterprise 9.0 SR2), that has a moment when 4 documents are reloaded concurrentlly. Everything worked fine, except one document. Log message looks like that:


      11/5/2009 15:18:29.8136773 Information The Source Document reload complete. DocumentPath=XXX.qvw
      11/5/2009 15:18:31.6886293 Information Memory Allocation Deltafor this file=-851.09 Mb. Available Physical Memory BeforeReload=53974.96 Mb. Available Physical Memory After Reload=58206.23 Mb.Total Physical Memory=58206.23 Mb.
      11/5/2009 15:18:34.6104295 Error The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. XXX.qvw.
      11/5/2009 15:18:34.6885525 Information Initializing Reload (0), Finished (336994)
      11/5/2009 15:18:34.6885525 Error Reload failed."

      What exactly "Memory Allocation Delta" means?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

      Kind regards,