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    Event triggers

      Is there any possibility to make them? For exp I need trigger that should run macro when the specific object is minimazed?

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          As far as my understanding goes on Qlikview, I believe you cannot Trigger a Event when you minimize the objects.

          But you can trigger an event while you negativing b/w sheets and etc..,

          If i`m wrong some one can correct me Smile

          - Sridhar

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              I confirm that you can't, I'd tried that, and ther was a long post about that a few weeks ago, I had to use button, macro and variable, objects are hide/show depending on the variable.

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                  Neil Miller

                  Flovit88's description sounds like my experience (I may have added an overly complicated option to that thread Big Smile).

                  One way to do it is to remove the Minimize button from a chart and create a new button which will minimize the chart and perform the necessary actions. And really, if you're using a button, you might as well just hide/show the chart instead.

                  Maybe if you describe a little more of what you're trying to do, we can suggest a workaround.

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                Michael Solomovich

                Although there is no trigger on mimimize, you can try using OnActivate and OnDeactivate, apparently with combination with some additional conditions. Unless you minimize an object by macro, you have to click on something, that is activate.