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    Download Template from Server with Nprinting

    Prasanna Sankepalli

      Hello Everyone,


      I want to download PPT files, PDF from server with the help of nPrinting. could you please let me know the steps.


      (I donot want to export any chart objects to ppt, I want to download a static template)




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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi KR,


          Your requirement is unclear.

          * How are these PPT & PDF files generated?

          * Where are they stored?

          * How is QlikView NPrinting involved?

          * What do you mean by 'static template'?


          QlikView NPrinting is primarily used to connect to one or more QlikView documents, generate and distribute appropriately filtered static reports to the right recipients at pre-defined intervals - do you want to do this or something else?


          Best - Daniel.

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              Prasanna Sankepalli

              Hi Daniel,


              My requirement is I have a template in the same server where I Published my QlikView Document. Users want to download that template form Access point. I tried to use with Button action URL and Launch option. its kind of security issue. so we decided to go with NPrinting. Now I want to download a file from



              Connection: ConnTemplate.

              Document: Test.qvw


              How do I load load Test.pptx file from accesspoint with Nprinting?




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                  Trying to understand the user case


                  You have QlikView users on AccessPoint using a QlikView application.  While in the QlikView application they determine they need to build a PowerPoint presentation.  In order to do that, you want them to download a PowerPoint template from within the QlikView application to their workstation so they can manually build a presentation  which is unrelated to to the QlikView application?  In order for any user to 'download' or create a MS Office file using NPrinting from within a QlikView application, the on deman functionality is required


                  what happens if they are in another QlikView application?


                  Would it make more sense to post the pptx tempalte out on a sharepoint site and have the users download it from there when they need it?

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                  Prasanna Sankepalli

                  Hi Daniel,


                  Let me explain you with my Business requirement.


                  My business users copying those templates to the Production server at the below path on Monthly basis. Templates size is around 7-10 MB.



                  Client users want to download these file from Access Point with button click.

                  To achieve this requirement I want to use NPrinting. could you please suggest me how do I do that?

                  If possible please let me know the steps.

                  Also, When I moved from UAT to Prod do I need to follow the same configuration steps?



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                  Is this issue the same issue as the one you posted when you get the error when you are trying this?


                  what is the business case for downloading a static template?


                  Are you trying to use Nprinting to send a static doucment by using NPrinting as the delivery method?  If that is the case you have the ability to attach a static document as part of a task as part of a message - you can click on the paper clicp to the right of Report Files, and browse to a file you would like to attach to the email distribution.  If that is not your requirement, please be a little more specific with examples if possible, as well as addressing Daniel's questions so he can help you with what you are trying to accomplish

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                    Sara Leslie

                    Hello Prasanna,


                    It looks like you are getting some good feedback on this thread. A note to all participants here- please remember that Qlik Community is not a replacement for your training and support team resources. Engagement of our support personnel in Qlik Community is on top of their normal responsibilities on an as available basis. Its generally a good practice to keep the thread directed at the larger community rather than @mention a specific person who may not be able to respond as quickly as others. 


                    Please also take a minute to mark helpful and correct answers so that other members who have taken time to assist you are recognized and receive appropriate points.


                    Best Regards, Sara