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    IE stop responding

      Hello all,

      I'm facing a very strange situation.

      I've installed QV server in a W2003 server and PlugIn in a PC.

      The installation went fine.

      When I go to the access point in the PC and select the QVW file, it ask me 2 times the userid and password (instead of using the win nt login).

      After a while, the IE stop responding giving a QlikOCX error.


      Can anyone help me with this? Any help will be great.

      Many thanks.


        • IE stop responding


          which version of IE and QVS are you using?

          I take it you are using NTFS authorization, not DMS...have you tried unchecking 'Enable Anonymous access' and just leaving the 'Integrated Windows authentication' checked in the directory security for QvAjAXZfc virtual directory?

            • IE stop responding


              Sorry. I forgot to mentioned it.

              The version I'm using is 9.0 for QVS and IE7.

              I'm also use Integrated Windows authentication.

              My main concerned is the crash IE is doing. I really don't have any idea to solve this issue and the most problem is that the prospect customer didn't like the delay of such a "simple" instalation.


                • IE stop responding

                  1. make sure that in the virtual directories QvAJAXZfc and QvJava, in the tab 'Directory Security', the option 'Enable Anonymous access' is disabled.

                  2. With acesspoint, are you using Java or AJAX clients? because ajax wont give this error in IE, it doesnt care about your browser, do you have Java virtual machine enabled in IE, should be there in the Internet options.



              • IE stop responding

                Hi , Joao.

                How Are You ?

                Are you from Brazil ?

                Look... Are you using the QVS 9 ? Di you developed your application using NT Integration ?