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    Only use section access when opening qv document on server

      I'm trying to figure out how to only use section access username to open a qlikview document on server.

      • the machine is a Windows machine with qlikview server 9 sr 2 with community license (no publisher), not in a domain

      When opening the accesspoint I need to login with anonymous. This part works using ntfs authorization (windows controls file access) and webserver, accesspoint set to authentication 'never'.

      Now when I login on the accesspoint, I don't see any documents. With NTFS authorization I'm not able to set the document access to anonymous.

      When trying DMS authorization I'm able to set document authorization to anonymous. When I login to the accesspoint I can see the document but when I want to open it, Qlikview gives me a 'No connection' error. I think it has something to do with restrictions on the community license eg no publisher license. I can't set authentication clients to anonymous.

      When I set Qlikview webserver authentication to login, I have to login with a machine account and I'm able to access the documents and use the section access login also.

      When I set the NTUSER 'IQVS_computername' or ANONYMOUS in the section access it won't work eiter. Any suggestions? Thanks!