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    How to auto-fill in empty cells with first value til next value etc?

      Hi Experts,


      Can you please recommend a fastest (performance wise) solution on how to deal with the following.


      I have this table with empty/null fileds - please see below -  but I need that instead of those empty fields/nulls in Price column,  the first Price  column was filled in with the Price Value of the first Price Value till the next Price Value. Then after the next Price Value it was filled with the next Price Value til the next next Price Value etc..... 


      So it would look like this:


      Time               Price

      03:16:56          4604

      03:16:56          4603.75

      03:16:57          4603.75

      03:17:01          4603.75


      03:17:10          4604

      03:17:13          4604

      03:17:26          4603.75

      03:17:30          4603.75




      Any idea? Thanks in advance.


      kind regards



      P.S. there is no any logic /patterns on how the Price changes.....