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    Export to Excel\CVS Problems



      We are running QV9 SR2 and we have some problems when exporting to Excel or QVS. We actually know what the solution is but don't know how to fix it.

      The Users use IE to connect to QV and the data, when the navigate around the url gives the FQDN or full name of the server i.e. Server.group.faa.gov. But when we go to export a file or qvs the pop up page that shows them the data or asks them to download the excel sheet only shows "servername/qvprint/xxxxxxxx.xls or xxxxxxx.cvs.

      And then it says "page cannot be displayed". If we manully put in the rest of the FQDN "group,faa,gov" and refresh it works.

      So does anyone know how to change the output to keep the FQDN when exporting an Excel or QVS?




        • Export to Excel\CVS Problems

          Just so I know it is something that can be changed.

          One of our servers when you go to export uses the IP address in the popup window. http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/qvprint/xxxxxxxxx.cvs.

          So where the heck can you change that? :-)

          Any suggestions?


            • Export to Excel\CVS Problems

              Okay I found the problem and the solution.

              In the registry:

              Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Qliktech\Qlikviewserver\Settings 7

              There is a key "ServerTepURL " One of ours had the HTTP://ip address/Qvprint and the other just had http://ServerName/qvprint The one with just the server name wasn't the FQDN and dns didn't know what to do with it. Once we changed it everythign worked grea.

                • Export to Excel\CVS Problems

                  Hi, not quite sure how you have that registry entry.

                  We have an Enterprise server on SR1 and I can't find that key. Any ideas ?

                    • Export to Excel\CVS Problems


                      Use below macro to exort all the sheet objects on excel, just change sheet name with yours


                      'Export objs to excelTest
                      sub ExportBitmapExcel2
                      dim str1
                      ActiveDocument.Sheets("PG EIR").ActivateAll
                      Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
                      objExcel.Visible = True
                      set s=ActiveDocument.Sheets("PG EIR")
                      for i=0 to s.NoOfSheetObjects-1
                      for i=1 to s.NoOfSheetObjects-1
                      str1 = "CH0" & i
                      if err.number > 0 then
                      msgbox "Error occured "
                      end if
                      end sub