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    QlikSense how to use DrillDown master-item in Peek formula



      How to point Master-item drill down dimension in Peek() formula?


      I have few time grain standard dimensions: Year (named 'YearDim'), Quarter ('QuarterDim'), Month(MonthDim).

      I also created Y>Q>M drill-down master-item dimension called ('YQMDim').


      I have variable called vTimeGrain which I'm using do change time dimension of my chart.


      Chart has dimension defined by formula:



      It works fine when I'm using 'standard' dimensions, so when vTimeGrain equals 'YYYY' - chart uses 'YearDim', when vTimeGrain equals 'MM' chart uses 'YearDim' and so on.

      When I'm trying to point drill-down dimension 'YQMDim' in my formula, dimension is not changing


      It selects YearDim, QuarterDim, MonthDim but not YQMDim

      Is it possible to use drill-down master-item in such a formula????

      Is there special notation for calling master-items??