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    Multiple IF statement, is not correct.

    Jim Chan

      Hi there,


      I am planning to add this expression to a table box, instead of multiple text box, i planning to add all into 1 table box. Below is my multiple If statement, but, doesnt seems to be working on my table box. and the status is 'OK'.


      if(TNPS_CH_COUNTRYNAME= '$(vCountry)',

      if(TNPS_CH_TOUCHPOINT='Claims',IF(len(TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS)=0,'Claims:'&chr(13)&'NO COMMENTS AVAILABLE','Claims:'&chr(13)&TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS)

      if(TNPS_CH_TOUCHPOINT='New Customers - Agency',IF(len(TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS)=0,'New Customers - Agency:'&chr(13)&'NO COMMENTS AVAILABLE','New Customers - Agency:'&chr(13)&TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS)






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          Sunny Talwar

          Try this (seems like a comma was missing)


          If(TNPS_CH_COUNTRYNAME= '$(vCountry)',

                    If(TNPS_CH_TOUCHPOINT = 'Claims',

                              If(Len(TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS) = 0, 'Claims:' & Chr(13) & 'NO COMMENTS AVAILABLE', 'Claims:' & Chr(13) & TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS


                    If(TNPS_CH_TOUCHPOINT = 'New Customers - Agency',

                              If(Len(TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS) = 0, 'New Customers - Agency:' & Chr(13) & 'NO COMMENTS AVAILABLE', 'New Customers - Agency:' & Chr(13) & TNPS_CH_Y_COMMENTS