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    Export to PDF

      Hi all,


      Once i click on export to pdf, The server will create a Pdf in TempContent folder, I need to Know till when that file will be available in the folder and when it will be deleted.


      This i am asking about Qlik sense Server.




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          Andy Weir

          My guess is there wouldn't be a timer as such rather like most windows applications the temp folder will grow until the user or system maintenance prompts or requires a clear out due to space issues.


          A temp file should not be relied upon to remain accessible or usable out side its initial function.

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              Matthew Clements

              Agreed Andy.


              pramodgc3, don't build a process that utilizes content in the temp folder. This directory would more than likely be one of the first things to get purged once the server starts running low on disk space.


              If you need to retain copies of these PDFs then I'd recommend creating a new directory (wherever you typically store your files) and save the data there.

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              Andy Weir

              IF you need a persistent copy of qlik charts in PDF format then perhaps look at nprinting as a solution to your needs.