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    Access point not generate the NPrinting on demand report......

    srinivas b



      I have developed On_Demand report using NPrinting Extension objects and I can able to download excel report on local machine.I also copied extension objects from local to Server.when I opened QlikView application on access point then I able to see extension objects but unable to get On demand report from access point.

      when I clicked on "Run Report" extension object then I couldn't see anything from the "Report Queue" objects.


      I couldn't get On demand report from Access point.But I can run successfully on the server.what are required to get on access point.


      Host name: Server name

      HTTP Port: 9001

      we used Alternate extension path in QMC ://Server_name/QlikView/Extensions (Also Extension objects copied in this path)

      The extensions are in the folder C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects\NPrinting\, with a folder for NPReport, NPQueue, NPTask. "Allow Extensions" is checked in the QMC System>Setup>Security.

      what needs more to get report on access point?

      Many thanks in advance..................

      kindly support on this................