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    Need help creating a straight line forecast chart in Qlik Sense

    Daniel Langley

      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a 5-yr forecast line chart with IT asset data.


      This is an example of the data.


      Device TypeInitial CostMonthly Recurring CostDate Received
      Smart Phone$250$1005/1/15
      Smart Phone


      In theory, I would have 3 lines (for each device type) on the chart going out 5 years.


      Was thinking I would create a master calendar with 5 years of future months past the max date in my data set and somehow associate it to the monthly recurring costs. I feel like this should be fairly straight forward as the monthly recurring cost will be the same each month for each asset, but I can't figure out how to associate the original table with the cost data to the master table (I forgot to include this but there would be an asset ID as well for each row) Also, the additional wrinkle is including the initial cost into the calculations...although this probably isn't quite as crucial for inclusion if it's a pain to do.


      Any help would be appreciated!