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    Metric Library from "Qlik Platform" vs QDF variable editor

    Andy Ritting

      Can anyone share their experience and/or knowledge in either storing expressions in either a Metric Library versus storing expressions in the QDF variable editor.


      I would like to reuse the label and definition of chart expressions in multiple charts in a single or multiple qvw applications in the same container.  I would like one location for all my definitions so I can print them for documentation and make change the name of a field easier.


      I've watched Michale Tarrallo's video, Video 7 - Creating a Shared Expression with the Variable Editor, and he suggests creating variables for the metric expression and the label in the variable editor of the QDF framework.

      This seems more cumbersome than using either a spreadsheet or database. 


      At a recent qlik user group meeting I saw present "The Qlik Platform....Demonstrated"  in which he used a metric spreadsheet and a qlik mart to show the same data model and metrics in both qlikview and qlik sense. However, he was not using the QDF framework in his example.


      I don't have access to the demonstration script in which Brad loaded the Metric QVD that he used in his model.  However, This method seemed much less cumbersome than putting the expressions into the QDF variable editor.


      The "qlikview developer framework" and the "Qlik platform" seem to be an ideal match.  I just don't want to blaze any new trails and I'm hoping that this is documented or demonstrated already.