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    How do I manipulate the qlikview plugin through vbscript?


      This is something I used to do in QV 6 a few years ago, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it now:

      - Embed a qlikview document in a web page using the <object> tag.

      - Write a bit of vb script in the header of the web page to load a document, make selections in it, activate sheets etc.

      My script shell is below, and that's about all that works, which is nothing at all. Any methods I'm trying to use are not working, i.e.

      qvApp.ActiveSheet.GetSheetObject("test_box").SetText = "foo"


      Help, anybody?


      <SCRIPT language=VBScript>

      sub test

      dim qvDocument, textBox

      set qvDocument = document.getElementById("QVPID1").activeDocument
      set qvApp = qvDocument.GetApplication()

      end sub