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    splitting a dynamic ";" string into several columns?



      Can you please tell me what is the most efficient way of getting a column which is a string consisting of several variables seperated by ";" (please see below) to split into several columns (one column for each variable between the ";"'s)

      Needs to be done in the load script.


      (Load script)

      SQL select Date, ColumnToSplit from MyTable;


      (Result Now)

      Date: 01.01.2001

      ColumnToSplit: 4682.50;2;1451481191401;165017;4689.47399965;true;


      (Result Needs to Be)

      Date: 01.01.2001

      Column1: 4682.50

      Column2: 2

      Column3: 1451481191401

      Column4: 165017

      Column5: 4689.47399965

      Column6: true


      The lenght of the numbers can be different from a line to line and the last word also (sometimes its true, sometimes its false or sometimes its missing...


      Thanks in advance for your help, much appretiated.