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    Disabled listboxes / 9.0 SR2

      We just set up a new 64-bit environment for 9.0 SR2, previously used 8.2. About 15% of our models have this problem: when opening the model, 1-2 listboxes are disabled, you only see a grey X:

      error loading image

      Many times it is a field that comes from Excel rather than directly from ERP database, although that happens too. Could the Excel version have anything to do with it (.xls)? Suppose not.

      Two additional notes:

      - one user may see this box disabled while another user sees it OK

      - the data seems to be there, because I can find and activate the hidden fields by search (for example typing the appropriate Company above works although the graphics don't work entirely).

      Anyone else with similar problems?

      - TP