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    QlikView Server SBE + Custom Directory + Section Access

    Clever Anjos

      I´m facing a problem trying to enable some users to see their documents into Access Point. I want that users listed under "Section Access" should be able to see (and open) documents in AP.


      Our enviroment

      1. QlikView Server Small Business (DISABLE_DMS;YES;;)
      2. Custom Directory
      3. Section Access into my applications (please see below a sample)
      4. Document Properties / Server / [Filter AccesPoint Document List..] checked



      Script sample:

      LOAD * INLINE [
          ACCESS, NTNAME
          ADMIN, SRVQLIKVIEW01\qlikview   
          ADMIN, SRVQLIKVIEW01\qvapp


      CUSTOM\CLEVER.ANJOS  does not see any document


      Any hint or help?