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    QlikSense [2.1.1] Working with multiple HyperCubes

    Nicolas Stefaniuk



      I need to create an extension with 2 levels of data:


      - 1 level with data aggregated by Dimension1

      - 1 level with data aggregated by Dimension2, for EACH Dimension1


      Let's say I have Dimension1 = Country and Dimension2 = City


      I would like to

      - measure Average Age ( avg(Age) ) by Country and place on a map each Country with a color-coding related to the Average Age of this Country

      - when I click on a Country, no filter is applied on the model but I can see in a simple table : Average Age ( avg(Age) ) by City of the selected Country


      Of course I don't want to do dumb maths like calculating the average City average Age of each Country. I could do something more clever but it's not the point here.


      So how could I do 2 Hypercubes :

      - 1 for Average Age by Country

      - 1 for Average Age by Country and City


      I can create 2 HyperCubes in the initialProperties of my extension but I find only 1 in the layout object of the paint function so I guess that's not the way to do it.

      I have tried to create an HyperCubeDef inside the paint function too, but i can't retrieve data.


      Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, ideas, suggestions, advices.