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    Problem with the Java API


      This days I'm trying to make a connection to our QlikView server through the Java API.

      I have created an Netbeans project and added the QlikView.jar and the components as shown in the tutorial video.

      When I try to open a document with the Session component the document wan't to open. The same is with the Desktop component.

      The output from the execution of this peace of code:



      private void jButton1MouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {
      try {
      System.out.println("DocName: " + qlikSession1.getDocName() );
      System.out.println("OpenStatus: " + qlikSession1.isOpen() );
      } catch(Exception e) {

      Is the following:


      Connection succeeded

      Com open

      Login is [dmhyaXN0b3Y6c3RraXZ3b2o=]

      DocName: BUSTICKET_ODBC.qvw

      OpenStatus: false

      As you can see. the status of the document is closed.
      Any idea where might be the problem?