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    Qlik Sense Queries

    Deepanshu Chamoli

      Hello All


      I am very new to Qlik sense. I have few doubts. I will be grateful if some one helps me in the below queries


      1. I have “CreatedDate” column in the data set i.e.
        2014-02-04 09:40:00.000000, 2014-02-04 09:50:00.000000, 2014-02-04
        16:40:00.000000 and so on. I used the DATE(CreatedDate) function, which changes
        the date format in to the YYYY-MM-DD but when I used the date as a filter pane
        it shows three fields for 2014-02-04. I want to combine it in to one?
      2. On the same date I wanted to get the dates
        greater than 2014-08-31?
      3. I wanted to use the case statement to make a new
        column which afterward I used as Measure. Where should I use it (load or SQL)
        and how

      A = Case When Forward = 0 and FP = ‘ ‘ then 1 else 0 end

      B = Case When Forward = 0 and FP = ‘ ‘ then 0 else 1 end


      Thanks in advance!!