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    IE Plugin disabled in AccessPoint, how do you activate it?



      I hope someone can help me in this problem, regarding QlikView Server 9 SR1. My problem is that the IE Plugin option that is set to preferred, is greyed out in the AccessPoint short menu when I try to open up a document, both in Internet Explorer on the Windows Server 2003 where QlikView Server i9 SR1 is installed and on client computers (all of which have worked before).

      This happened after an uninstall of QlikView Server 9.0 and then an install of QlikView Server 9 SR1.

      I tried to delete the folder Internet Explorer in the registry (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer) on a Windows XP client computer without success, the IE Plugin option is still disabled. I have also checked the security settings in Internet Explorer.

      Any tips and suggestions on how to activate IE Plugin in AccessPoint are greatly appreciated!