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    QlikView 11.20 engine vs QIX engine

      Hi everyone,


      Does anybody have any idea what is the difference between QlikView 11.20 engine and QIX engine. Is there any difference with bit pointers? Or is it developed somehow? I read in one article that qlikview engine is relational and QIX engine is columnar but as I know the QlikView engine is associative and there is huge difference between associative and relational database model.


      Please give some details about these two engines and differences between them


      Thank you in advance,



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Sorry, no details. Just this:

          The QIX engine is a bit faster, compresses data a bit bitter and is said to be less buggy. As to relational versus columnar, both are simplifications that don't really apply to either engine and are useless for comparison either between the engines or with other BI products.

          The old engine isn't developed anymore, but will be maintained for some time and get bug fixes as needed. Both Qlikview (starting with 12.0) and Qlik Sense now use the QIX engine.