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    QlikView data reduction without Publisher (V9 SR2)

      Hi all,

      I've several users which should access to the same qvw but with some data restrictions upon some fields.

      So is it possible (With only the Server (not the Publisher)) in DMS with Community Users Licenses mode to :

      1) Automatically displays or not a file on the Access Point depending on the user NT name ?

      2) When users open a qvw on the Access Point, he have a data reduction depending on his NT name ?

      If it possible, how can I do this (I just need a global explanation) ?
      P.S : I'm working with V9 SR2 version

      Best regards

        • QlikView data reduction without Publisher (V9 SR2)

          Yes! But be aware that you have to use the latest build from QVS9 SR2 to make this work (the first version has some bug with data reduction).


          What you need to define is a SECTION ACCESS within your .qvw! Read the QVDeveloper documentation for details.

          If you are using DMS-Mode in the QlikviewServer, you have to define the column NTNAME within your section access.
          In this column you must define the usernames logging into your accesspoint.

          As in DMS-Mode your users might not be actual NTNames, but some generic usernames your Section Access Table could look like this:



          Section Access;
          LOAD * INLINE [
          ADMIN, vec, ALL
          USER, username, AT
          USER, test1, DACH
          USER, test2, DE
          Section Application;

          LOAD * INLINE [
          ROLE, Country
          ALL, *
          AT, Österreich
          DACH, Österreich
          DACH, Schweiz
          DACH, Deutschland
          DE, Deutschland


          If now the user "username" logs into Accesspoint, he just see the Country "Österreich" (== Austria).



          • QlikView data reduction without Publisher (V9 SR2)

            Try section access, there you can use NT Login, more detail is available in the ref manual.
            Below is a sample code for data reduction on 'Region'.


            Section Access;
            Load * Inline
            ADMIN, sy, sy86514,1
            ADMIN,rb11414,rb11414 ,3
            USER,User, User,4];
            section application;
            star is *;
            load * inline
            4,South] ;

            Here user 1 and 3 will see only 'West' & 'South' Data.