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    listbox fields are inactive

    R. G.

      hey there,


      i have a top categorie and a subcategorie in two listboxes.

      like: click in top categorie (listbox1) -> open sub categorie (listbox2)

      if i click on the first listbox the categorie, the second listbox swtich into the subcategorie. but i did not work! there is only one top categorie marked, but i cant change it! What can i do to change it?

      if i copy all the code into a new file, it all works fine, but not in my actually. i dont now why.

      my soltution that did not work:


      a) in properties: only one value is not marked

      b) the formel for the field is: =[~appDim2.Kategorie]&'/'&[~appDim2.SubKategorie]

      ("/" is for the tree strukture)

      c) can't unmark the actually marked fieldname in listbox


      hope you can help me.